Visual Deterrent Canines

Detection canines not only serve a purpose of detection, but they also act as a deterrent for any subjects that might attempt to defeat your current security protocol. Our Detection K9 Teams will provide a visual presence at points of entry, patrolling through a location, or any capacity suitable for a client’s specific needs. One of the most important factors as a deterrent, is that no one knows the capabilities of that canine team. This alone provides many levels of protection and the uniforms of the teams have “no” descriptive markings of that specific team’s assignment (e.g. BOMB DOG, NARCOTICS K9, PATROL K9) for that specific reason.


Our explosives detection teams will be deployed as soon as possible to ensure the protection you need is in place. CLICK HERE


Narcotics Detection can mitigate potential liability in a variety of business sectors. CLICK HERE

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