About Us

Officer Off Duty – K9 was formed with a National vision to provide canine services unsurpassed in the industry and accomplished that goal by exclusively staffing by Law Enforcement and Military personnel.  The main factors we implemented to achieve this goal are-

  • A Comprehensive Plan and Clear Understanding of the Client’s Needs
  • Our customer service model A.C.T.  (Attentiveness, Clarity, Timeliness)
  • Superior Selection in working Canines
  • Socialization of Canines (Environmental Proofing)
  • Imprinted on All Five Explosives Families
  • Training Weekly on Actual High Explosives (H.E.) and Low Explosives (L.E.)
  • Police Officers Standards of Training (P.O.S.T.) Certifications for Canine Teams
  • California Narcotic Canine Association Certifications for Canine Teams



Our handlers consist exclusively of active / retired law enforcement K9 handlers and military explosives detection K9 handlers.  We are also staffed with a former ATF K9 trainer to maintain all our detection K9 teams and imprinting our bomb dogs on actual explosives, not pseudo odors.


Our explosives detection teams will be deployed as soon as possible to ensure the protection you need is in place. CLICK HERE


Narcotics Detection can mitigate potential liability in a variety of business sectors. CLICK HERE


Detection canines not only serve a purpose of detection, but they also act as a deterrent for any subjects that might attempt to defeat your current security protocol. CLICK HERE