K9 Training

Commercial / Private Vehicle Searches

Vehicle searches are vital to any facility or events. Our explosives detection canines (EDCs) are trained to methodically search a vehicle, despite any other distracter odors. This capability is constantly reinforced in weekly training and real-world events.


Building / Office Searches

When searching a building or office our Explosives Detection Canine (EDC) Teams understand what “productive areas” are and make efficient use of their time not to effect your day-to-day operations.


Cargo Searches

With cargo being shipped in a variety of ways throughout the country and internationally, it is of vital importance to ensure that this cargo is safe for transportation. Whether the goods are transported by rail, air sea or ground our Explosives Detection Canine (EDC) Teams will methodically clear the cargo for transportation.


Luggage Searches 

Our Explosives Detection Canine (EDC) Teams have a clear understanding of the potential issues encompassing personal borne explosives devices and luggage as a concealment area.  Weekly training in these area are a standard for our teams and provide this service to our clients in the private airline industry.


Our explosives detection teams will be deployed as soon as possible to ensure the protection you need is in place. CLICK HERE


Narcotics Detection can mitigate potential liability in a variety of business sectors. CLICK HERE

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