Explosives Detection Canine

With the increase of domestic and international terrorist threats during sporting events and other public gatherings, the need for explosive detection canines to ensure security during these events is increasing. Our explosives detection canine teams can offer you that security and peace of mind by checking arenas, sporting events, coliseums and other areas. Our explosive detection canines are trained to locate a variety of explosive compounds and formulas such and can also readily locate concealed weapons and ammunition. Our detection canine teams can be employed to scan a venue prior to an event and our canines are social enough around the public that they can also be employed to work during an event to intercept contraband that someone may attempt to smuggle in.

In the current climate, explosive detection is more than a preventative measure; it provides a peace of mind to you and your clients or patrons. Officer Off Duty – K9 provides explosive detection teams comprised of a detection canine and its trained law enforcement and military handler (at minimum). Our teams are highly-trained and routinely meet or exceed industry K-9 detection standards.

Canines and their handlers conduct comprehensive searches for dangerous materials, from surfaces contaminated by explosives residue to genuine explosives. We have the experience and expertise to unobtrusively detect or quickly rule out their presence. We search a variety of venues and structures, including corporate office buildings, special event locations, school property and more.

Detection canines can play an important role in both private and commercial aviation operations. These canines can be used to inspect for explosives, weapons, drugs, as well as other contraband. Explosives detection teams can provide security at aviation facilities as well as screen cargo and luggage prior to flights. Detection canines can ensure that luggage and other cargo is not tainted with explosives, illegal narcotics and other contraband.


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